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pro Českou republiku a Slovensko: Výklad karet online


pro Českou republiku a Slovensko: Škola magie


Für Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz:  Magie - Oracular Beratung


the USA, Canada, Australia and Great Britain: Secret Science Online


per l'Italia: Magia


5th Dimension




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(personally tried and proven)

(annual tuition – 12 months)

Content of the first year:


  • You will summarize the basic knowledge about esotericism
  • You will clarify the principle of magic
  • You will get acquainted with the laws of space
  • You will harmonize your lines for your spiritual development
  • Everything about reincarnation
  • About elemental magic in practice (elemental ceremonies)
  • Furthermore you will know how to use the basic magic tools
  • You will learn how to magically concentrate and meditate
  • You will learn how to travel astrally
  • You will get acquainted with several spells for use in everyday life
  • You will learn to use the power of your thoughts (in love, in health and well being)
  • You will learn to use tatva clocks
  • You will go through the basics of feng shui for your home
  • You will get a acquainted with the basics of acupuncture – you will know how to diagnose your and other people’s health
  • You will learn how to see your and other people’s aura
  • You will get acquainted with the basics of astrology (astrological signs, astrological planets, houses and aspects)
  • And furthermore you will get acquainted with the basics of numerology (life number, interpretation of numeroscopes)


In the tenth month we will remove a magical disability (that would burden him) for a participant of the magic school for free in case of interest.

Considering that the magic school works through sending study materials in electronic form, and this information is esoteric (it is, was and always will be secret) - every participant, after graduating the first year will obtain a link through the mail to other web pages with an access code so only he could enter the pages where there is secret information!!! For the most secret information that could be abused, and can’t even be on the web pages- the novice will receive a magical alphabet so he could decrypt the information!!!


Clients who work in magic with us for longer than a year may graduate the first three months of the magic school completely FREE!




The first year of the magic school takes place over 12 months in practice. The client could login to the magic whenever during the year. Every month the client receives study materials in an electronic form which he studies thoroughly and gets ready for possible questions about the study materials and, orders a consultation which takes place over email or Skype for 15 minutes. 

Payment for the magic school is done in advance. You can pay through a bank transfer, over western union or with the PayPal service. You could pay the magic school monthly, semi- annually or annually. The magic school isn’t obligatory over the whole year. You can end it whenever and without giving a reason. Finishing the first year is followed by an awareness and spiritual test after which you will receive a certificate of completion of the first year if you pass. 

We only receive written applications. You can download it on our website or fill in an online application (see below). By sending this application you agree with these instructions. The client will get a proof of payment for every paid month. Any cancelations are received only in writing. We receive the free cancelation five days before sending new study materials. After that the right to reimbursement expires. In the case of the payment for a half year or full year schooling, there are no reimbursement rights 14 days after payment. The study materials are included in the magic school price. However any possible tools you might be interested in aren’t. You could buy these in our magical e- shop. For more information you could contact us at:


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Download the application for the first year of the magic school  here



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Send the filled out application to:



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